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Amazon Prime Oasis


Amazon Prime’s ‘Oasis’ x Union VFX x MadeWithUs

Oasis is a one hour drama pilot based on Michel Faber's cult novel The Book of Strange New Things; co-produced by Left Bank Productions, Amazon Studios and Amazon Prime.

Union were excited to be reunited with Director Kevin Macdonald (they worked on How I Live Now and Black Sea) to help realise the world imagined by Faber and writer Matt Charman (Bridge of Spies).
Led by VFX Supervisor Simon Hughes, the team completed 173 shots in 6 weeks to transport audiences on a journey from a dystopian London to a new planet that it’s hoped offers an alternative future.

Before he can travel, Peter has to undergo intensive physical tests. We see him running on a treadmill in front of a screen comprising an orientation video on Oasis as well as live stats of his vitals. When we reach the base its crew also use a multitude of graphene screens on workstations, larger monitors and handheld devices to keep abreast of the base’s stats as well as view surveillance footage captured on CCTV and by drones both inside and outside. Made With Us created motion graphics for these devices and Union insured they worked in context. The most complex environment created was, unsurprisingly, the surveillance office which is constructed of glass and contains a myriad of monitors which needed to be semi-transparent.

VFX Supervisor, Simon Hughes commented: “Building Oasis was a really exciting creative challenge. Kevin had a great vision. We formed a close-knit team with producers Rob Bullock and Lila Rawlings, editor Yan Miles, production designer Michael Carlin and Kevin himself to bring the world imagined in Michel Faber’s book to the screen. It was an ambitious schedule with 173 shots delivered in 6 weeks, but we’re really happy with the end result.”

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Client: Amazon Prime
VFX Agency: Union VFX
Director: Kevin MacDonald
Motion Graphics, VFX, 3D, Compositing, Animation, Graphic Design: James @ MadeWithUs
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A bunch of grabs from the 80 plus shots worked on by Made With Us for the episode which included designing of FUI and in screen graphics, 3D solar system, 3D desert town, 3D world, compositing, editing and motion graphics.