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FIBA House Proud When nothing is too much for your home country! This is my House! VFX Made With Us. Working with the guys at We Are Social and Director Robert Rafalat on FIBA's commercial for the 2019 Basketball World Cup.


MadeWithUs x Seven Seconds x Watch Shop

We were delighted to be asked to work with our old friend Dai Davison and the lovely team at Seven Seconds based out of BBH London.
Tasked with using footage from a previous campaign ECD Tom Skinner got inspired by the Thomas Crown Affair style split screens. We had to be faster paced than the reference to hit beats and cuts and we created many deliverables from 30s to 10s over a busy Black Friday and Xmas period delivering over a dozen commercials.

Agency: Seven Seconds
Creative: Tom Skinner
Producer: Dai Davison
Design: Seven Seconds
Edit: Rob Rafalat
Animation & Edit: James Cook @ MadeWithUs